Region 1

Welcome Kentucky DECA!

As your Executive Council, we are always striving to grow, improve, and advocate for our organization. Our primary goals for the 2017-2018 school year can be classified by four sections: growth, community service, communication, and involvement.

It is our job as an Executive Council to offer various resources, planning, and continued leadership to all members of Kentucky DECA. From year to year, Kentucky DECA’s Executive Council works to see DECA chapters across the Commonwealth reach their maximum potential. Whether it be growing membership, establishing new communication channels, or offering insight on competitive events, the Kentucky DECA Executive Council will persevere to reach new heights for the association.

By working with each other and motivating all members across the association, Kentucky DECA is sure to have a LIMITLESS year!

Thank you for your continual support of DECA! Our success could not be possible without you!

2017-2018 Kentucky DECA Executive Council

Important dates for the upcoming school year:

We will have a complete calendar available at Summer Conference.

Congratulations to all the attended ICDC and especially to our winners!!

Kentucky DECA had another great year at ICDC 2017 having 12 students receive recognition on stage, 87 competitors receive certificates in recognition of achieving all standards of performance in their events, and 19 members received certificates for completing Aspire, Elevate, Empower or Ignite Academies. This year Kentucky DECA had 265 members that attended ICDC.


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